Saturday, January 16, 2010

and had conversations with many other fauns..

Yesterday was a very strange day.

I watched Drop Dead Gorgeous and some of Marie Antoinette on my iPod in little bits throughout the day...

I baked a chocolate cake. The frosting looks tar, the top layer is crooked, and a huge chunk of the crooked top layer fell off, so I ate the chunk for breakfast. But it tastes awesome. Like Hostess cupcakes.

We watched My Dinner With Andre after cake. I was enjoying it up until around the end, when it just got really boring/freaky. So I got up and went to bed. But, I think the style of the film is fantastic. You feel like you're sitting at the table with them.

So anyway... I'm going to the symphony tonight. Some friends of ours have season tickets to the local symphony, and they're going out of town this week, so they gave us their two tickets for this weeks show. We're going to see Tracy Silverman, an electric violinist.

My little sister Ellie is currently in the living room playing earthquake. She was extremely fascinated by the whole haiti thing.